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Quality guarantee

Although Matter Boon herb complexes are intended for long-term holistic health support and wider benefits should be noticeable after 3 month of use, our formulas work swiftly. That is why we stand by all of our herb formulas with a 100% satisfaction guarantee within 30 days of delivery. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, we offer to adjust your formula and deliver it to you free of charge. To receive the adjusted formula please contact us at

Matter Boon is an entirely organic herbs food supplement brand. It is an uncompromisingly pure and sustainable healthcare option. Every bit of the process is treated with the utmost accuracy, starting from the soil, seeds, sowing, harvesting and processing. Our herb complexes consist of 100% high quality organic herbs without any synthetic fillers, colorants or flavours.

Unfortunately, research shows that many popular herb products on the market contain the addition of hazardous substances and synthetic drugs (for example, this research) and often do not even contain the herbs stated. We have very strict standards about quality and transparency to avoid false claims and health risks to our clients.

No. Our products do not contain GMO’s, additives.

All our herbs are grown in Latvia. We grow our own herbs and we partner with two certified organic herb farms. This way we can supervise the whole process and make sure that the product we prepare is of the highest quality.


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Our health is depleted by many factors – lifestyle, pollution, poor diet (a low variety of food and quality issues with growing and processing of most of the food we consume), stress, etc. The best way to restore health and to heal our bodies and minds is lifestyle and diet changes. While we have many ways to improve our lifestyle, it is harder to improve our diet. Therefore, we start taking medicine and reach for artificial food supplements. While the first could be a necessity, the latter are mostly harmful. Nature grants us everything we need in herbs. High variety of herbs was base of human diet from the beginning of humankind and our organisms have adapted to it. The wise use of herbs helps us improve life quality, restore health, treat illnesses and reduce or even abandon the use of synthetic supplements and drugs, substantially limiting harmful side effects.

When done correctly, drying preserves the most of valuable nutrition and active compounds. It is the best method of processing plants when storage, transportation, and usage is taken into account as consuming herbs raw and fresh is mostly impossible. In order to achieve the highest benefit from herbs, many strict rules have to be followed, for example, herbs have to be harvested in the right time and conditions and dried right after harvesting, the temperature must be lower than 40°C and specifically selected for every herb, and the same applies to duration. The tradition of powdering dried herbs dates back thousands of years. Powdering allows digestive system to extract the most from herbs.

Another good method of processing herbs is freezing, but it is much harder to transport and store frozen products and consuming is also inconvenient.

Although in specific cases tinctures, teas, Infusions or decoctions are advised, dried herbs are usually the best choice.

Everyone is special. Every health situation and body metabolism is unique. Moreover, every herb is different; most herbs are beneficial for a wide range of issues and especially strong for some. Any health problem could have many causes and ways to cure. Therefore, some herbs work better and some are not as effective in specific situations. By offering a wisely tailored mix of many herbs, we can achieve synergy and holistically address many of the health issues. We believe that this is the most efficient way to cure illnesses and improve health in long term. We understand that there is a different point of view that states that herbs have to be used one at a time to identify the most effective one and we respect it, as there is a place for many different therapies and schools of thought. However, we have achieved great effects with our rigorously selected herb mix and want to share our experience with you and develop this method further.

Herbs contain thousands of chemical compounds that are known to be healing to humans. They are natural components of plant cells and are actually intended for the health of the plant cell itself, for its survival and thus for the survival of the plant. Structurally we are similar to plants – we are made of cells as well, water makes a significant fraction of the human body, continuous biochemical reactions happen within us, and we constantly need vitamins, minerals and other chemical compounds. Because of this herb-human biochemistry similarity we can use these basic substances, which ensure the normal functioning of the plant’s own cells, for our health as well. Moreover, most of the cells in our body are bacteria that are necessary for our survival and high variety of plants must be consumed in order to support our microbiome healthy. Recent research shows that healthy microbiome is vital to our health.

The good news is that herbs help everyone. The efficiency of herb complexes is determined by a variety of factors. First of all, it really depends whether a complex is intended to strengthen your body’s systems, so it can cope with different health issues by itself, or treat specific symptoms. Facilitating systemic improvements may take a longer time period, while treating symptoms might provide immediate results. Secondly, the severity of a health issue is of importance. It is hard and time consuming to cure severe symptoms completely, but usually it is possible to ease them quickly. Thirdly, there are people who are very sensitive to herbs and experience rapid health improvements, but this really depends on the body’s metabolism and the state of the gut flora (gut microbiota). Physical activities and a balanced diet plays a significant role here. Last but not least, the dosage of herbs as well as how long one is taking herbs determines the success. We recommend taking at least 4 grams daily long term. Although herbs start to make difference immediately, three months usually is a time when our clients feel systemic health improvements as well as an overall improvement in quality of life.

If you are undergoing a course of treatment or suffer from serious medical condition please inform us. In such case you should consult your doctor before you start taking any herbs, or let your physician and pharmacist know if you are already taking these products. In rare cases interaction of herbs with other medicine could be harmful or may cause undesirable side effects. However, usually herbs are good companions to current treatment, allowing faster healing and decreasing side effects of drugs.

We are a diverse team of herbalists, medical specialists and data scientists, who have created a unique herbal product that is personalisable. We have roots in herbal medicine traditions, as well as looking at recent herbal research and the modern medicinal understanding of the processes in the human body and individual specifics of those processes.

We differentiate ourselves by using only dried and powdered herbs, as we believe this allows the digestive system to extract the most from the herbs. When it comes to herbal remedies we use not just a few ingredients but a large variety of meticulously selected herbs because we see this as the most efficient way to boost health. The idea behind this approach is to:

  • address multiple health issues and impact different body systems simultaneously;
  • achieve a greater variety of herbs and lower the dose of each individual herb to minimise the possibility of side effects, as herbs are not just food, they affect our health;
  • let the body choose the constituents it needs the most at a particular time.

General product questions

Our herb complexes are created with this exact idea in mind, to improve overall health by feeding and restoring your microbiome and strengthening different body systems.

No. All our complexes contains 100% herbs.

No, none of which we are aware of. That being said, we all are different and so is our body’s response to herbs. We would definitely recommend consulting with your doctor if you are prescribed any medications.

All our herb complexes are prepared by our specialists at our production site in Latvia.

We recommend taking the complex before food, but if there is any discomfort try taking after meals instead.

We believe this should not be a huge problem. The complex is intended to work long term and leave permanent health changes. As different body systems are being strengthened, the positive effects accumulates. Unless you do things to intentionally harm your health, missing a few days shouldn’t be a major fall back, the positive effect should not vanish over a few days. Just continue your routine of taking the herb complex from where you left off.

Yes. 100%.

Our personalised herb complexes contain 100% herbs. Once you fill in the questionnaire you can see the actual list of your ingredients in the product view under ‘VARIETY OF INGREDIENTS’. Once preparing the final herb complex we might narrow down your list, but nothing new will appear on it. If you see that there are herbs you are allergic to, please let us know. We will provide a list with exact amounts of each ingredient with your product.

Our herb complexes contain 100% herbs.

For our personalised herb complexes once you fill in the questionnaire you can see the actual list of your ingredients in the product view under ‘VARIETY OF INGREDIENTS’. Once preparing the final herb complex we might narrow down your list, but nothing new will appear on it. If you see that there are herbs you are allergic to, please let us know. We will provide a list with exact amounts of each ingredient with your product.

For our standard complexes you can see the actual list of your ingredients in the product view under ‘VARIETY OF INGREDIENTS’.

There is no short answer to this. We could simply say ‘yes’ and provide you with all the checkmarks – organically certified herbs, packaging efforts – and stop there. But that is not exactly what really drives us and keeps us busy, for us the real ideal is to cultivate the land so it regenerates and enriches with every season, thus boosting and improving the surrounding ecosystem. Therefore we choose to use no pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilisers, as we believe that this is the way to achieve optimal biology and growing conditions, to ensure our herbs are pure and potent. The challenge is to concentrate on things that leave the greatest positive footprint longterm, and careful usage of all kinds of resources is only part of this challenge.

Our monthly refills to reduce packaging is our attempt to have as least impact as possible. We try to use eco-friendly materials as much as possible. Please visit our shop and scroll down to the packaging section to see our efforts.

We use Stripe Payments as a payment processing platform. It allows the transfer of money from a customer’s bank account to our business account by way of a credit or debit card transaction. Stripe accepts and processes American Express, Visa, Discover, and Mastercard. We use PayPal as well.

Health related questions

In women low libido is a very common symptom of the menopausal transition period and it occurs due to low oestrogen and testosterone levels. A good way to tackle this problem is by taking herbs containing phytoestrogens like red clover, soy and sage. Stress tolerance can be facilitated with adaptogens like golden root and stinging nettle, however, motherwort, hyssop, chamomile and lavender relieve tension in nervous system tissues. All this contributes to increased drive and a healthier sex life.

In women gained body weight is a common symptom of the menopausal transition period and it occurs due to low oestrogen and testosterone levels. Decreased levels of these hormones have a negative effect on metabolism, slowing it down and affecting eating habits. Psychologically, ‘grounding’ plants like valerian, sage, motherwort, and chamomile help to solve this problem. Physiologically this problem is solved by plants that contain phytoestrogens e.g. red clover, soya and sage, and support the adrenal glands, such as golden root. Taking nourishing herbs like milky oats or stinging nettle 20-30 minutes before eating can accelerate the feeling of satiety and reduce appetite. In addition, consuming herbs that contain bitter compounds facilitates bile secretion, efficiently breaking down fats and helping get rid of heaviness in the abdomen. Overall, our herb complexes will have a positive effect in your fight with increased body weight.

In females, the ovaries and adrenal glands are the main producers of sex hormones. Significant changes in sex hormone levels happen during the menopausal transition period as ovaries slow down and gradually secrete less and less hormones. The process to some extent is compensated by the adrenal glands, but if your body perceives stress, your adrenal glands are preoccupied making and releasing the hormone cortisol, leading to hormonal imbalance and an array of related menopausal symptoms instead.

Although rare, there can be allergic reactions to herbs. If you already know you are allergic to certain herbs and have decided to subscribe to our herb complexes, by all means please let us know which herbs you are allergic to. It does not mean you’ll automatically be allergic to its medicinal relatives as well, but you will have to be more cautious when taking the complex and monitor your reaction carefully.

Yes. If you are not experiencing any difficulties consuming the powder (or capsules) and are experiencing tough symptoms you might want to double the dose to 8g (16 capsules) daily for a few days.

We would definitely recommend consulting your doctor if you are prescribed antibiotics. Medical advice recommends that antibiotics be taken several hours apart from supplements and other medications. From our own experience we’ve seen that the herb complex works synergistically with antibiotics and speeds up recovery.


Worry not! Your data is safe, it is encrypted on our own server. You have been assigned a unique ID, thus, it is impossible to link the questionnaire results to a specific person. Your data will never be sold to a third party. If the subscription is cancelled your personal information gets erased within three months leaving us only with statistics.

Yes. If you haven’t subscribed yet, please click on the link you received in your email after finishing the questionnaire. You’ll see your report, and below there is a button REVIEW MY ANSWERS that allows you to revise your answers. If you are a subscriber you can follow the same process and your customer data will get updated, this will be taken into account when preparing your next delivery.

No problem! If you want to continue using the same device and the same browser just visit our website and you will be allowed to continue from where you left off. This is possible due to a browser cookie and because we save your session for 3 weeks, after that you’ll be prompted to start from the beginning. If you want to continue filling in the questionnaire from a different device, please click on the link we have sent to your email after we noticed that the questionnaire was not finished within an hour after it had been started.

Your quantitative assessment is a laboratory test result, however, your qualitative assessment is based on your self-evaluation. It is important to distinguish between the two, because according to a blood, saliva or urine test you might well fall in the range of ‘normal’ hormone levels, but what is ‘normal’ highly differs from person to person. Therefore, we base the assessment on your actual physical symptoms and your emotional self-evaluation. It is how you feel that is important to us and tells us about the hormonal shifts you are experiencing.

My subscription

Yes. There are herbs that can be used only a certain period of time. Also, our health needs change. Therefore, we will evaluate your health improvement through a feedback questionnaire and if necessary update the current content of your herb complex every three months.

Usually our customers choose subscription either when they have already tried our herb mix and experienced the value it provides or when they are committed to the idea of supporting their health right from the beginning. Subscription is a perfect way not to miss your next order, additionally, it’s always nice to save some money. You can cancel your subscription any time, if you find this is not for you just drop us a line at and your subscription will be cancelled the same day. However, we encourage you to stick with your new routine at least 2-3 months, and we promise – you’ll see the change.

Based on your subscription plan a recurring payment will be charged every 30 days on the day of your enrolment. If you would like to skip or pause your subscription or change the schedule of it feel free to drop us a line at

Sure, no problem! Just drop us a line at telling us which email address you want to be replaced and we will make sure it is done the same day.

Based on your subscription plan a recurring payment will be charged every month on the day of your enrolment.

Currently we ship out herb complexes twice a week on Tuesdays and on Fridays. We start to prepare your herb complex on the day we receive payment so it can be shipped as soon as possible. Normally there shouldn’t be any delivery delays and your routine of taking herbs won’t be affected.
For our deliveries we use DPD shipping services. For a parcel to get delivered to your address it takes:

  • 1-3 days in the Baltics;
  • 3-6 days in the EU;
  • 4-7 days in the UK.

It’s easy, just drop us a line at telling for how long you want your next delivery to be delayed, and we will makes sure that your herb complex and your payment happens at a time when you’re ready for it.

Yes, no problem at all. Just drop us a line and we will update our CRM system to make sure you get your delivery to the address you provided.


We ship worldwide.

Yes, it is possible if you live in Baltics. Unfortunately this is not an option for those living outside Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania: €5.80, 1-3 business days

EU countries: €5.80, 3-6 business days

United Kingdom: €5.80, 4-7 business days

European countries outside the EU: €5.80, 4-7 business days

Currently we ship out herb complexes twice a week on Tuesdays and on Fridays. We start to prepare your herb complex on the day we receive payment so it can be shipped as soon as possible.

Note: during the COVID-19 crisis delivery times for our international shipments might get delayed.

All orders sent to European Economic Area (EEA) will be sent DDP (Delivered Duty Paid). This means that our prices includes all taxes and duties and you will not have to pay anything on arrival. Orders sent to UK will have VAT included into the order price on purchase.
For orders sent to USA and Canada, and other countries, additional country-specific import and customs duties, customs clearance fees and import sales taxes may apply. Please inquire about these fees at your local customs office. If any fees do apply, these will need to be paid by you.

Once your order is processed we will send you an email with tracking info. For deliveries we use the DPD service. You will be provided with a tracking number and a link to follow your delivery status.

Yes, we ship internationally!

During the COVID-19 crisis delivery times for our international shipments might get delayed. Currently, according to information provided by Latvian Post, international deliveries might take up to 2-3 weeks, however, this is not the case in all situations. Normally deliveries take:

  • 1-3 working days – Baltics;
  • 4-7 working days – Europe;
  • 7-12 working days – Worldwide.

Cancels & returns

It’s super easy, just drop us a line at stating you wish to cancel your order, and if it’s not been shipped yet, we will make a refund, no questions asked.

It’s easy, just drop us a line at, stating you wish to cancel your subscription and that’s it. But we’ll be sorry to see you go.

Unfortunately we are unable to take back custom blended orders.

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