Herbal potential tailored to you.

Herbal potential tailored to you.

Prioritising individual needs.

We created Matter Boon because of a somewhat lacking detailed attention to women in the age of menopausal transition.

With personalised care we are prioritising individual needs. None of your issues gets overlooked.

While probably being hesitant to go for hormonal therapy or maybe ending a course of one, you might not want to settle with ‘it is what it is’ either. There are other options, which taken considerately reveals the power of nature.

Mixing custom formulas guarantees a rigorous selection of the most appropriate and potent herbs for your exact situation.


Variety of constituents to unlock help.

Everything about you is unique: health history, personality, strained work situations, family matters, age, body type, metabolism… Herb active constituents work like keys unlocking the solutions. Our personalised herb complexes offer a variety of specially selected keys, your body will recognise the right match.

The disclosing questionnaire.

With a questionnaire you will provide us a thorough insight of what is affecting your menopausal transition.

The algorithm takes a close look at you and chooses somewhere between the need of systemic approach by working towards hormonal balance or tackling symptoms first.

Then our specialists check for any specific information. An outcome is a mix of herbs known to tackle the issues.

The ongoing dialogue.

There are herbs that can be used only a certain period of time. Also, our health needs change. Therefore, we will evaluate your health improvement through feedback questionnaire and update the current content of your herb complex every three months – a period we believe is sufficient to see a favourable change.

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