Wellbeing improvement guarantee

We’ll send you a new custom Herb Complex formulation for free if you don’t see a wellbeing improvement after 30 days. Easy as that!

Customer Reviews

"After 13 years of being in the exhausting turmoil of peri-menopause, I found Matter Boon.
Searching the internet for a proven holistic approach with out the need of having to take dozens of supplement pills, I discovered Matter Boon.
Matter Boon placed all my needs in one jar and in one pill! 32 herbs personalised to myself and my symptoms and for me Matter Boon has worked wonders!
I am less fatigued, my hair, skin and nails have improved, my gut health is so much better and the night sweats are few and far between but, most of all the 'brain fog'. I can think clearly, have a conversation with out forgetting words. My thought process and ability to engage again is 'gold'.
Matter Boon has done wonders for my confidence and self esteem, Matter Boon is a journey I am most grateful for at the most complex part of a women's life." - Gayle
"Whilst struggling through the symptoms of peri-menopause, I found Matter Boon. I filled in their online questionnaire to tailor a blend of supplements to suit my needs. The products arrived in lovely packaging and the beautiful glass jar looks great in my kitchen. Within a week or so I could feel a difference in my mood and physical being. Knowing that all the ingredients are herbal, organic and vegan makes a massive difference and I am now a complete convert to these fantastic products. I've been really impressed with my Matter Boon journey so far and can't wait to see what other improvements come with continued use! I couldn't recommend Matter Boon enough - for their ethos, products and amazing customer service. I wouldn't be without them going forward. Thanks Team Matter Boon x" - Kathryn
"I am so glad I came across Matter Boon, it has made such a difference in my life. I am 45 and peri menopausal and cannot get any assistance through my GP as I am ‘not old enough’. This frustrated me no end so finding Matter Boon has been such a relief. I prefer natural ways in dealing with any issues so this spoke to me on so many levels. I loved that I have my own personalised formula that is customised for my own needs. I have found that it has helped with my over all mood and I feel less anxious and irritable. I have much less bloating and generally feel more in control of my body. I have more sustained energy throughout the day ans my memory and and ability to concentrate is so much better. What surprised me most was my water retention has diminished incredibly which is absolutely brilliant. Thank you Matter Boon for coming into my life." - Aysha
"I've been taking the herb complex for a few months now, and I've noticed that my hair and skin look healthier, but most importantly, that I feel more positive and balanced." - Florencia
"I constantly had a very short 18-20 day-cycle, now its back to 28 days. My racing heart has calmed. I haven’t experienced any severe hot flashes since I've started taking the powder. I can sleep all night and withstand a two hour drive to my countryside without experiencing a sudden urge to stop for a WC." - KRISTĪNE C
"I take levothyroxine for hypothyroidism and am pre-diabetic. In addition my cycle had been getting shorter over the years. After 2-3 months of using herbs, the most noticeable changes were in my cycle. I’m 35, and all of a sudden my cycle “got 10 years younger” - moving up from 24 to 26 days, a more noticeable ovulation phase (which I had throughout my twenties) and almost like a rush of energy in the first half of my cycle, which was an unexpected perk." - ANNA C
"Since I have started using Matter Boon my sleep cycle is back on track. I used to wake up every night and had a very light sleep, now evenings I fall asleep quickly and sleep well during the night. In addition, I don't feel that tired any more, my energy levels are up again." - LĪGA R
"It is early days but I do feel some improvement. It is very gradual though and I hope for further benefits." - Katherine
"I'm so glad I found matter boon, have helped with night/day sweats a lot! Definitely recommend you try." - Marianne
"I was taking the compound for about 6 weeks before I noticed any changes to my mood or outlook. Then after my last period, during ovulation I had the best 3 days of my year (maybe even longer if I’m honest) everything was easy, nobody bugged me with their existence and I caught serious flow in my work, even though I was still extremely busy and spinning lots of plates." - Kate

How to take it


4g of herb mix daily.
Try if before food, if there is any discomfort, try taking after meals instead.


If you choose capsules, the dose is 8 capsules taken together.


If you choose powder, the easiest way is to take 2 teaspoons (4 grams) of herb complex and mix it with warm water. It might be challenging for some, however, it is possible to make a healthy routine, your body will thank you as Herbs Help Everyone.

Depending on your questionnaire results and your chosen health goals your custom complex addresses several goals simultaneously.

Facilitates mental well-being

Contains herbs known to either nourish or nourish and relax nervous system tissues.

Addresses sleep disturbances and hot flushes

Contains herbs known to balance out oestrogen and progesterone levels.

Promotes healthy bones and joints

Contains herbs known to provide necessary minerals, give energy for physical activities, and work towards increased oestrogen and/or testosterone levels.

Supports strong heart

Contains herbs known to impact cholesterol levels by helping to maintain good oestrogen levels.

Addresses vaginal dryness

Contains herbs known to increase oestrogen levels and boost libido.

Regulates fat accumulation

Contains herbs know to improve digestion, give energy for physical activities, help to keep your stress in check.

Other goals set by You

Questionnaire will ask you to set personal goals.

Our certified organic herbs have clear and traceable origin, they are tested to be safe, and are processed as little as possible to preserve their pharmacological activity.

Which format to choose ?

Your body absorbs powder more quickly, this is our recommended way of taking dried herbs. We have seen people easily get used to this form and develop a healthy ritual.

Nevertheless, some of our clients keep struggling with taking powder because of its taste and structure, then capsules is the form you should use. Bear in mind that the daily dose is 8 capsules, thus, if you’re one of the people who dread the thought of swallowing a capsule, then please consider taking powder. Choose the method that works best for you.


We encourage you to stick with your new routine at least 3 months. That’s why we made subscriptions.

Your subscription will always be with no ties, you can cancel it any time. If you find this is not for you simply drop us a line and your subscription will be cancelled.

If you have any questions about subscription, please check the FAQ section or feel free to send us an email at team@matterboon.com

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